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20 Truths That Will Make Your 20-Something Life Easier

"No one is ever obligated to love you back. Sometimes you’re the one breaking your own heart because you anticipated and expected something, and that doesn’t automatically mean they were supposed to reciprocate.

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Cut The Crap And Write Some Code: You Don’t Have To Be Neo To Start Programming

Cut The Crap And Write Some Code: You Don’t Have To Be Neo To Start Programming


“Just like writing, painting, or movie-making, programming is a means of creative expression to me. It’s a means of producing something that other people can see and enjoy… it doesn’t exactly put the pen in your hand and make you write. You learn everything about writing in a very succinct, clear style. Yet somehow those memoirs don’t just flow on their own… Don’t write code just to…

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The Turing test doesn’t matter

The Turing test doesn’t matter


AI’s infamous “Turing test”, or talks about letting people thinks that these ‘machines’ are real person. Robot’s generation it is tho.

Originally posted on Scientia Salon:

turing testby Massimo Pigliucci

You probably heard the news: a supercomputer has become sentient and has passed the Turing test (i.e., has managed to fool a human being into thinking he was talking to another human being…

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My first post! =)

Tears of Joy it is! =)

Tears of joy it is! =)

Finally started doing or should I say making my WordPress account. Yay!It was during my first day at my work that I decided on making stuffs here but unfortunately, too many things just happened. I do still feel surreal for everything that happened to me these past few months. I got hired at my desired company and had the job I am really aiming for ever since my OJT days.…

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=) #verse

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Marvel Superheroes vs. Their DC Equivalents [Picture Gallery]


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Does “I Love You” Mean Anything Anymore? | Thought Catalog

It does still, doesn’t it?

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Made some no-bake brownies with @appleonidas @appleapplekiss bago sya umuwi. ♥ #theingredients #foodporn #foodie #nobake

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Mischief Managed. turned 4 today!

4yrs ago I was busy preparing for college. Then now, 4yrs after, I’m busy looking for a job to not be officially unemployed after I graduated on 14th of May this year. It always fascinates me how the time flies so fast yet here I am, forever a couch potato, still browsing Tumblr, still enjoying some really good stuff. But yes, I’m working on it, bye forever online, bye midnight dash browsing. Hello work, hello job, hello responsibilities, hello opportunities, I’ll be taking on you now and I’ll be ready for you! It’s a bit depressing tho.

Hey tumblr, be with me for 4 more years ne? Then 4 more and 4 more then 4 more.. Oh, you get it. 

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Hihi. #selfie with le Mum! :)) hagarness forevs huhu looking and feeling young ang peg pa din! ♥

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Made my day! Thank you @appleonidas @appleapplekiss :* #cheesybeef! ♥

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